Tale #10 - Say Yes More

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There was an old ad campaign for Honda Motorcycles that said, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” It could be the most iconic sales slogan ever created for a motorcycle ad campaign. We like it, but we kinda think it holds true for motorcycles in general. Case in point, our new friends Stace and Suzanne. 


When we saw their BMW R1200GSA parked in front of our favorite coffee shop, absolutely loaded down with bags, rolls, and packs, we knew we had to meet the riders. Inside, we found the smiling faces and warm hearts of Stace and Suzie, two moto enthusiasts from England who are planning a ride around the world! 


Their sense of adventure was evident and so was their love of making connections with new places and new people. We invited them down to Sully’s and continued our chat in the shop. There we learned of some of their favorite US states (hello, Vermont) and cities and some of the unique ways they have spent the night, to include camping, glamping, staying with friends, and even a hotel here and there. We talked about bike breakdowns and maintenance, camera and recording equipment, safety gear, and of course the thrill of doing it all on two wheels!


Getting out on the open road, twisting the throttle and letting the adventure unfold before you is a big part of the romance and mystique of motorcycling. Stace and Suzanne have figured this out and are living in the moment as they roll down each new road, joyfully curious about what might be around the next bend.


Thanks for stopping in, friends! We’ll be following your journey. #sayyesmore


Ride Safe,

The Team at Sully’s