Tale #11 - A Unified Pack

Sullys 94

There is something to be said for riding solo; you and your thoughts alone on the open road. It can be therapeutic, serene, even meditative. But something truly magical happens on a group ride.


A group of motorcyclists can gather and head out together and immediately a bond is formed. We become a unified pack, even if we were strangers moments before. Roles are discovered. Someone takes the lead position and navigates the journey, someone takes the last position and makes sure we don’t lose anyone, and team players in the center look out for each other through pacing and spacing so we all stay safe.


We experienced this last month during the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Folks came together on a Sunday morning, shared stories about their bikes, laughed over coffee about adventures, and found some human connection in sharing our love for the motorcycle. We set off on our journey looking quite diverse…we counted ten different makes of bikes! Some were vintage and some were new. We had folks who had been riding for 40 years and some who were rookies. We had sport bikes, baggers, cafe racers, and adventure bikes. The common thread that held us all together? The pull toward the open road on a brilliant, sunny spring morning.


By the ride’s conclusion, new connections had been made and a sense of camaraderie was evident as we lingered over the parked bikes and took some parting photos. What a pleasure it was to see a group of mostly strangers, could come together and quickly form a team even if it was just for a couple of hours. The ride was for charity, and we raised over $6,000 for Movember, but we also renewed our belief that there is more that unites us than divides us as humans. Let’s celebrate those unifying moments! 


In that spirit, we are busy planning our next group ride for July. Stay tuned to Sully’s social media for more info! 


Ride Safe,


The Team at Sully’s