Tale #2 - Our Window Bike

DSC 4354

If you’ve walked past our shop, the unique motorcycle in the window probably caught your eye. We wanted a bike with a long story to tell; a bike that has seen many decades of riding and has the inescapable bumps and bruises of time forged into its engine. Since our shop is an eclectic mix of vintage cool and modern freshness, we also wanted something hard to find - a conversation starter! 

This is a 1964 Ducati Diana. In ‘65, Ducati made major changes. They went to clip-on handlebars and rear set pegs - both changes were hugely popular! The ‘64 was the only model to be set up the way she is. The bikes that came to America were called Dianas and the bikes that went to the UK were called Daytonas. The early Dianas were all 4-speed. The later Dianas, called MK3’s, were 5-speed and had a lot more power. Our Diana, on loan from Retrospeed,  has an early MK3 engine. She is truly a fun piece of motorcycle history! 

We wholeheartedly approve of the choice to keep this Ducati original instead of making it a shiny rebuild. This way of thinking drives our choices of all the shop decor and furniture. Much of our furniture and merchandise displays are antique, vintage, gifted or thrifted. We couldn’t think of a better place to share this bike with the community than at Sully’s, where our mission is to inspire the ride. This is a motorcycle full of rich storytelling, history, and inspiration! Please stop in and have a look, we’d love to welcome you.


Ride Safe,

The Team at Sully’s