Tale #4 - Reflections on a Grand Opening

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When we look back on our earliest scribblings about Sully’s Ride Shop, we see one word come up again and again - community. From the very beginning, we wanted to create a motorcycling community that felt kind, unintimidating, all-inclusive, and fun. Our vision was certainly coming to life last weekend when we had our official grand opening celebration at our brick and mortar shop. 

The folks who stopped by were old friends, strangers who are now friends, family, lifelong riders, non-riders, and the moto-curious. Some drove hefty distances to come see us. Some rode in and parked their bikes in front of the shop to help attract attention to our celebratory day. Speaking of those bikes, the array of ages, makes, models, colors, and styles of bike were as varied as our customers and we felt a deep appreciation for the love of all things two-wheeled as we listened to stories about rebuilds, dream bikes, and motorcycle memories from the past. 

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong within our shop, but our fellow small business owners were quick to show their support through sharing posts, leaving reviews, making a purchase, or simply chatting with their own customers and making a referral. We felt very loved and uplifted by the small business community and the strength of Sheboygan’s thriving downtown, uptown, and harbor. 

Some takeaways as we reflect on the weekend:

  • We need a board or wall where customers can add a vintage photo of a loved one on their bike. Plans for this are in the works! 

  • Riders are excellent story tellers. We have unlimited blog material just from one day of chatting with folks about their favorite riding stories. “Tales for Two Wheels” will certainly be filled with these over the coming months. 

  • As gear technology has improved, riders are excited to be protected without looking “geared up.” Many shoppers told us they were ready to have clothing that could go from keeping them safe on the bike, to a relaxed meal in a restaurant off the bike without having to change. We’ve got that! 

  • Scooter and moped riders are part of the Sully’s community! We’re always happy to outfit folks for a safer ride, whether you’re on a big V-twin or zipping around town on a moped.

A heartfelt thank you to all who participated in our grand opening and we sincerely hope to see you again soon. In the meantime, please follow along on Facebook and Instagram and if you find yourself with an extra minute or two, write a review!

Ride Safe, 

The Team at Sully’s