Tale #6 - Have You Met Sully?

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Occasionally, someone will walk into the shop and ask to speak to the boss. “He’s asleep on the couch right now” is usually our answer. Another fun one is, “he’s licking your hand at the moment.”

A few fun facts about our CCO (Chief Canine Officer):

Age: Best guess in middle-aged, around 5-6 years old

Breed: “Alabama Special” or, a mixed-breed with some Border Collie traits. We’ve invented the breed Borderline Collie to describe him.

History: Adopted from Sandi Paws Rescue in 2020, from Alabama.

Hobbies: Giving his paw repeatedly, getting belly rubs, going for three walks a day no matter the weather, howling at the tornado siren, and zoomies.

Dislikes: Vegetables, doorbells, and squeaky toys 

Name Origin: Sully is named after Victor Sullivan from the Uncharted video game series. See if you can find an easter egg referencing this connection in our shop!

Claim to Fame: Featured on our tee shirts and painted on our wall

Main Responsibility: Greeting customers with a wagging tail and creating a welcoming environment

Sully does take the occasional break from work, so you’re not guaranteed to find him at the shop, but that just gives you a reason to try again soon. 

We’re thankful that our top dog lives a life full of some of our favorite things - fun, adventure, and playfulness!


Ride Safe,

The Team at Sully’s