Tale #7 - Impact vs Slide Protection

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What’s the difference between impact protection and slide protection?

While shopping for riding gear, you’ve probably been faced with a lot of protective options. The features and benefits can get complicated. Here is a quick summary about each category of protection and why we think having both is the best choice.

Slide Protection can be provided by clothing with a layer of Kevlar stitched into the garment, usually underneath leather, denim, or canvas. From jackets to gloves, from pants to shirts, DuPont™ Kevlar® can be integrated into almost any type of motorcycle gear. Slide protection can also be provided by Dyneema® Denim, a single layer denim product with superior tensile strength and no extra layer. It’s woven right into the denim itself. Sully’s carries motorcycle apparel for men and women in both of these materials, Kevlar® and Dyneema®. Slide protection is critical if you go down, providing a strong protective barrier against abrasions and road rash. 

Impact Protection, as the name implies, protects the wearer from impact-related injuries in the event of a crash. Impact protection is normally worn at the joints (elbows, knees, hips, shoulders), and in the form of a back protector. Impact protection differs from slide protection in that it is designed to cushion the common injury points upon contact, rather than allowing for several seconds of resistance like slide protection does. The best impact protection armor is soft and flexible, lightweight, performs in both hot and cold conditions, and is CE-certified. 

We at Sully’s believe in riding as safely as possible and encourage our customers to choose products that offer both slide and impact protection. When you know you’ve chosen your gear well, you can ride with peace of mind and confidence. So, when you’re ready to shop for your safest ride, check out our selection of protective shirts, jackets, and pants to go with your favorite helmet and get out there!


Ride Safe,

The Team at Sully’s