Tale #8 - Why We're Thankful


It’s November and gratitude is in the air. We love this season. As riders near us squeeze in the last few rides of the year before putting their bikes into winter hibernation, the leaves are changing color and fluttering to the ground mixed with a few snowflakes. It’s a beautiful time of year.

We’ve had the great adventure this year of opening our doors for the first time as Sully’s Ride Shop. As we reflect upon all the learning, community-building, support, and miles we’ve put on the bikes - we can’t help but feel huge gratitude and warmth to all those who have walked in our doors, visited our website, liked an Instagram post, worn a Sully’s tee, or referred a friend. We are so very grateful for you.

So without further ado, here are a few things that make us thankful this year:


The support of other small business owners who really believe when we lift each other up, it makes us all stronger.

All the folks who came out to ride with us for one of our Group Rides.

Seeing Sully’s merch “out in the wild” is so fun! Please keep sharing pictures and posts of yourselves in your favorite Sully’s tee or hat.

Getting to chat about motorcycles everyday with customers who love bikes as much as we do.

Converting non-gear wearers into gear-wearers. WIN!!

Living our mission and Inspiring the Ride.

Growing our Sully’s family to other parts of the country through our website and socials.

Hearing the sound of bikes pulling up outside the shop and knowing they came to see us.

Having the best shop dog around, Sully, who is way more popular with the customers than we are.

Family. We all pull our weight in different ways and somehow our skills have come together like a rock band. 


From our family to yours, we hope this Thanksgiving is filled with gratitude and love.

Be kind, it never hurts.


Ride Safe,

The Team at Sully's