Tale #1 - Our Home

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The dream to open a motorcycle shop has taken many shapes and forms over the last few years for us. We’ve discussed a dealership, a bike-themed restaurant, even an adventure tour business. What we have landed on is our favorite version yet, the motorcycle gear shop! We are a unique store, not leaning too heavily into any particular rider type; if you ride, you’ll find something interesting at Sully’s. We love vintage bikes, cafe racers, sport bikes, V-twins, scooters, and adventure bikes too! We imagined a place where all these riders would feel welcome and comfortable. But to make this vision come true, we needed a special home. In looking for a historic, lovingly cared for building, we didn’t have to go any further than our own backyard, downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Sully’s HQ can be found in the Bowler Building at 815 North 8th Street. We love this spot for so many reasons. We’re across the street from the grand and historic Weill Center for the Performing Arts. Our neighbors include a great restaurant with amazing cocktails, an upscale kitchen store, a beautiful yoga studio, and a wonderful gluten-free bakery. But on top of having the best neighbors, the energy of a downtown community fits right in with our core values of family, community building, and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Watching this dream take physical shape in our brick and mortar space is almost as much fun as that first spring ride. We want you to come along and enjoy the adventure with us. Please join the Sully’s family and help us “Inspire the Ride.” 

Drop your contact info so we can keep you posted about our life on two wheels. And we sure would appreciate a follow on social. Buttons below. 


Ride Safe,

The Team at Sully’s